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Who is eligible to attend the Novice Course?

Who is eligible to attend the Novice Course?

We currently only accept applications for a place from trainees who are undertaking their Initial Assessment of Competence (https://www.rcoa.ac.uk/training-and-the-training-programme/initial-assessment-of-competencies-iac).

Therefore we accept applications from students who will be doing their Novice block at the time of the course, irrespective of their base speciality (i.e. ED, ITU and Acute Medicine).

Exceptions can be made but this will only be on a case by case basis.  However, the trainee must be GMC registered and working within a UK Hospital (e.g. PICU trainees).

If you think you might not be eligible, please email knac-applications@medicalsim.uk.  Your booking may be cancelled if you are not eligible. 


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