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12:30 - 17:30
MSAT Dec 2018
Weston Education Centre, London


At the end of every course or on completion of a day, we ask for feedback from our students.  This is so we can continually improve and adapt our courses to current needs.

In order to ensure feedback is done (we aim for 100% return rate), we have had to be quite strict on a number of things.  

Certificates for attendance, and elements attended, are only issued once feedback has been done. 

The certificates will only reflect the elements of the course for which feedback has been given (not just the elements attended).

The feedback portal generally closes 1 week following completion of the course/day.

Once the feedback portal closes, it does not reopen.

There is a £10 admin fee for reissuing/amending certificates.

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Previous Feedback

Excellent small group teaching, all teachers were enthusiastic to teach, fantastic teaching equipment Well organised, great teaching staff, friendly atmosphere

All the doctors teaching were really enthusiastic and made each scenario useful for medical students.

I did really like the interactive aspect of the intubating a difficult patient, using the normal laryngoscope as well as the video and fibre optic laryngoscopes.

The teaching was good, at a reasonable level to push what we know, but to introduce lots of new and interesting things.

The practical hands on stations were very useful for familiarising ourselves with airway equipment and the number of staff per station was also great. Great teaching by the doctors, and good range of scenarios.

It was nice to be able to watch and be talked through the scenarios rather than just being thrown into them ourselves.

Interesting stations, really competent facilitators, great kit

It was a fantastic event with really good simulations

Very well organised. Really feel like I got a better understanding of anaesthesia as a career.

The stations were well timed and there was a broad range of topics taught. The doctors were great and really keen to share their experiences of anaesthetics with us.

I would 100% recommend this to all medical students. We don’t get taught much about the subject in med school and most of us are pretty clueless about the breadth of activities you guys do. I really learnt a lot. Thank you!

Really friendly and welcoming environment – didn’t feel like I had to know anything which fostered a good learning environment

Well organised, lots of practical experience which was great. Really good teaching as well, everything very clinical and situational.

Really well organised, very friendly staff, there was not too much expected of our prior knowledge Well organised. Great teaching

Knowledge of the tutors was fantastic. The scenarios were pitched at a good level, and were of the perfect duration. I would definitely recommend this event to other people, not only was it fun, it was really informative and relevant.

Giving a flavour of the less known aspects of anaesthesia

Fantastic! I attended last year and the breadth and depth was even better this year!
Varied and quick paced with well informed and charismatic clinicians which kept me engaged for the whole afternoon session.

Met expectations; provided a great insight into the various competencies and skills required as an anaesthetist.

The large range of workshops allowed the attendees to appreciate the variety of a career in anaesthesia

The staff were really enthusiastic and good teachers, the stations were relevant and interesting, and showed good diversity across the spectrum of anaesthetics as a specialty.

In the majority of the stations, the staff challenged the students to think for themselves and reason things out, rather than just providing us with instructions or listing off the procedure step-by-step, which was really useful as a learning exercise, and was definitely far more useful than any teaching I had in my anaesthetics week in medical school.

Getting hands-on experience of the different laryngoscope blades/fibreoptics etc was REALLY useful as a learning experience, as it’s hard to practice that stuff in theatre as a medical student, and understanding the different scenarios in which different equipment is used is really helpful.

The whole afternoon gave me a really good overview of an anaesthetics career

I learned many new things and enjoyed the afternoon. Thanks!

Well organised, relevant cases which encouraged us to think beyond our syllabus

The day was very informative and all of the staff were very welcoming, helpful and friendly.

The format was very interactive and varied, far better than an afternoon of lectures.

Engaging and relevant talks and great interactive stations which both challenged and inspired us.

Pre-hospital trauma and transfer of traumatic brain injury were especially good

Pre-hospital trauma & transfer were especially good, but a great mix of practical and simulation-based teaching