Upcoming Courses

Oct 2019

Date/Time Event
08:30 - 12:30
King's Primary OSCE Mock (Oct 2019)
Weston Education Centre, London

Previous Courses

Date/Time Event
08:30 - 11:30
Primary OSCE Mock (May 2019)
Tina Chan Room, Anaesthetic Dept, London
08:30 - 12:30
King's Primary OSCE Mock - Oct 2018
Tina Chan Room, Anaesthetic Dept, London


At the end of every course or on completion of a day, we ask for feedback from our students.  This is so we can continually improve and adapt our courses to current needs.

In order to ensure feedback is done (we aim for 100% return rate), we have had to be quite strict on a number of things.  

Certificates for attendance, and elements attended, are only issued once feedback has been done. 

The certificates will only reflect the elements of the course for which feedback has been given (not just the elements attended).

The feedback portal generally closes 1 week following completion of the course/day.

Once the feedback portal closes, it does not reopen.


We do not have a mechanism to automatically book people onto the course.

Therefore if you have not booked onto the course via the website, you are not registered for the course. If you attend without booking, we will be unable to accommodate you as there are limited spaces on the course.

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