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Date(s): 12/08/2020 - 22/09/2020

Time: All Day


Weston Education Centre
10 Cutcombe Road

Valid Student/Hospital ID is required


Due to the ongoing pandemic, the format of our course has had to change

Please bear with us and be flexible…..

We may need to make changes to the timetable that may be out of our control

Booking Closes 5 Aug 2020 @ 1700


Small group teaching online & COVID-Secure in-person teaching

For the in-person teaching:

Students will attend a maximum of 2 out of the 4 days: One being Simulation, the other being practical workshops.

We suggest students should book all 6 days (of the course) as study leave.

Study leave for unattended face-to-face days can be cancelled once everything is finalised (i.e. we know how many people are attending so we know what teams they are in).


Aug 2020

Date/Time Event
08:45 - 16:00
Day 1 (Online) - KNAC Aug 2020
08:45 - 16:00
Day 2 (Online) - KNAC Aug 2020
08:45 - 16:00
Day 3 (COVID-Secure In-Person) - KNAC Aug 2020
Weston Education Centre, London

Sep 2020

Date/Time Event
08:45 - 16:00
Day 4 (COVID-Secure In-Person) KNAC Aug 2020
Weston Education Centre, London

Meeting point for Small Group Teaching on 12/13 Aug 2020

Microsoft Teams.

We suggest you use your NHS.net email to log into this.  This means you do not need to wait to be admitted.

If you are not booked onto the course, you will be removed from this teaching – it is only for those who have prior booked onto the course. 

If we do not recognise your NHS.net online profile name (which is determined by your host trust), you may also be removed from the teaching.

A link to this will be sent to your nhs.net email.  Please let us know if there is a problem.

The online meeting will be locked 5 minutes after the start of the day therefore we advise to log in with plenty of time.

Meeting point for the COVID Secure Teaching from 17 Aug 2020

Enter the Weston Education Centre (as on the map) and follow directions for the Bill Whimster Suite


Goes live at the end of each day


At the end of every course or on completion of a day, we ask for feedback from our students.  This is so we can continually improve and adapt our courses to current needs.

In order to ensure feedback is done (we aim for 100% return rate), we have had to be quite strict on a number of things.  

Certificates for attendance, and elements attended, are only issued once feedback has been done. 

The certificates will only reflect the elements of the course for which feedback has been given (not just the elements attended).

The feedback portal generally closes 1 week following completion of the course/day.

Once the feedback portal closes, it does not reopen.

There is a £10 admin fee for reissuing/amending certificates.

We currently only accept applications from trainees who are undertaking their Initial Assessment of Competence (https://www.rcoa.ac.uk/training-and-the-training-programme/initial-assessment-of-competencies-iac).

We accept applications from students who will be doing their Novice block at the time of the course, irrespective of their base speciality (i.e. ED, ITU and Acute Medicine).

Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.  The trainee must be GMC registered and working within a UK Hospital (e.g. PICU trainees).

If you unsure about your eligibility, please email knac@medicalsim.uk; your booking may be cancelled if ineligible. 


£0 offizielle website

We submit your names to Health Education England for reimbursement.

Non-attendance will be reported to HEE who may seek to recover their contribution.


We do not have a mechanism to automatically book people onto the course.

If you have not booked onto the course via the website, you are not registered for the course andorramed.com.

If you attend without booking, we are unable to accomodate you due to the limited number of spaces.

(There is also a link at the top and bottom of the page. Follow this to log in and see your bookings)

If you are already logged in

you will see your bookings here:

If you are NOT logged in

Make sure you have booked in the first place 😉

  • When you first booked, if you didn’t receive an email, then you may not have completed the booking process and are not booked on.

If you have booked a place (but can’t remember your login details), visit https://www.medicalsim.uk/events/my-bookings/

  • Click the ‘Log In’ link (you may need to reset your password using the email you signed up with)
  • Check your spam folder for any emails from us.
  • You may have entered an incorrect email when you originally signed up.

If you do not know you password, follow the Lost Password procedure or click https://www.medicalsim.uk/my-account/lost-password/

If the course is fully subscribed, please fill in below.

The waiting list is ‘first come, first served’.

You will be added to the waiting list for the upcoming course ONLY oesterreichischeapotheke.com

We will often send updates to students by email.

These will include:

  • Updates to locations
  • Reminders to give feedback
  • General information

We use the email you used to sign up with.

We recommend you use your NHS.net email (e.g. your.name@nhs.net)

If you DID NOT receive an email when you first booked onto the course

  • Check your spam
  • Make sure you completed the booking…..

If you are not sure if you booked, go to:

If you do not see your booking here (once logged in), you may have:

  • Mispelt your email address originally
  • Used a different email address

Please let us know at courses@medicalsim.uk if this has happened and we can check.

If you DID receive an email when you booked onto the course but haven’t received emails and were expecting to

Make sure our emails aren’t going into your spam.

If they are going into spam:

  • Depending on the platform, determines how you add us to your Safe Senders List
  • If you are using your NHS.net email, you need to log into the account via a web browser and add us to your White List (mobile clients for NHS.net email will often not have the capability of adding us to the Safe Senders List/White List)
  • Gmail sometimes sends our emails to Junk; just add our domain to your Safe Senders List

You should receive an email immediately with details of the course you have booked – keep this email safe

If you don’t receive an email immediately this could be due to:

  • A back log of emails on our server
    • You may need to wait up to 6 hours for the email
  • The email has gone to your spam
    • Check your spam and add our address to your Safe Senders list
  • You entered the incorrect email when booking
    • Contact the course admin and notify them of the error

If you have completed the above checks and are still having problems:

You can only log in if you have an account with the website.

You can only have an account if you have previously registered for a course.

If you have never been on a course, you will not have an account (unless you used a different email account 😞).

The site will freeze you out if you make multiple attempts to log in with:

  • An incorrect password
  • A non-recognised email address

If you have forgotten your password:

  • Click on ‘Lost your password?’
  • Enter your email address (check your spam if you don’t receive the reset immediately)
  • Change your password

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Pre-Course Reading Materials

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Course Enquiry

Please book courses using the form below. 

Please make sure you read the FAQs above – these answer many of the common questions.

Dates and contents for the course can be found here.

If you think we haven’t answered your question from our FAQs, or want to ask something else before booking, please email: knac@medicalsim.uk

A waiting list will be started when all places have been filled (check the booking form below first).


Use the form below to be added to the waiting list (or email course-waitinglist@medicalsim.uk)

Course Director

Dr Andy Blevin / Dr Rob Broomhead

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