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Date(s): 09/09/2022

Time: 08:45 - 16:00


Weston Education Centre
10 Cutcombe Road

Valid Student/Hospital ID is required


It will be held in the Tina Chan seminar room in the anaesthetic dept in the main hospital (if you don’t know where, please ask). Lunch will be as per the other days.

Please arrive in time for a prompt 09:00 start. Expect to be done by 16.00 at latest.

The day is NOT a test. There is no pass / fail. Its aim is to allow you to integrate and practice your learning to date (both on the course and clinically) and apply it in simulated clinical scenarios.

We will run 6 simulations over the day and de-brief them together (which is where much of the learning happens).

Please take a look at the resources below – no need to try and learn either by rote (they are not designed for that).

Rather be aware of the domains & language used in the non-technical skills booklet.

Be familiar with the overall structure & common strands in the QRH hand book as well as the key basic plan.

AAGBI QRH: https://anaesthetists.org/Home/Resources-publications/Safety-alerts/Anaesthesia-emergencies/Quick-Reference-Handbook/PDF-version

ANTS framework: https://research.abdn.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2019/03/ANTS-Handbook-2012-1.pdf

The IAC Skills Fishbone


You will be informed on the day

Contents of this KNAC Course

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